Good Ways To Keep Baby Memories Organized This 2021

We are in the generation that has grown up with smartphones in our pockets — even 2 year olds have tablets. We are living in a world that can document literally anything if we want to and so why not do it properly?

So far people mostly are used to documenting their lives for social media — weekend brunch or that great hike or being better at baking than our friends.

Why do you need to document my memories properly? What’s in it for you?
It will benefit you, your family, and people you will never meet. By doing so, in the future you can show these raw, vulnerable moments to people that need to see them — whether a child, a friend, or even a complete stranger. It might even get you that dream job or a date with your crush! 😉

This article could help you in preserving yours and/or your family’s memory only if you commit to it. Like any other goal like losing weight or getting an A+ at school requires a lot of effort, action, and commitment.

So after reading the article, ask yourself “AM I COMMITTED TO PRESERVING MY MEMORIES THE RIGHT WAY?

1. Buy a Memory Box

Time can pass in the blink of an eye. These simple boxes keep the small important things in your life. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a plastic box works best. You and your child can decorate the box to make it extra personal. It’s also good if the box is portable and has a lid, to make sure everything is contained and protected from the elements. There are many kinds of memory boxes out there, below are a few of them:

Wooden Type


Plastic Type


Cardboard Type


Solid Metal Type


If you think your child has created something worth keeping, it can go straight in the box, which can then be stored in a closet or somewhere else that’s out of reach, lessening the chance that it will lose its purpose and become a junk box. You may need multiple boxes though. I’ve added below a couple of great memory boxes that you can buy and give as a gift.

2. Invest in a Photo Book

There’s a difference between a photo album and a photo book.

A photo album

A photo book

For one, photo albums can lead to loose pictures all over the place. A neater and less expensive alternative is a photo book, where you can arrange all of your pictures printed on pages and bound in an actual hardcover. They take up less space and aren’t as clunky.

Photo books are best for those people who wants to embrace the new way of preserving memories. It’s not going to work for everyone but I recommend you try getting one. I’ve sourced the internet to find ideal places where you can buy quality photo books. Buy them below.

Pro Tip: You can create your personalized Photo Book using Canva and have them print it for you! This feature of Canva just makes it easier for everyone to print their memories! You can both post your Images edited in Canva and you can have them printed at the same time!





3. Buy Wall Frames for Pieces of Artwork

Why not? I mean you store all these images in your phone, in your laptop, in your social accounts, why not print your favorite ones, those with sentimental memory value, and immortalize them on a canvas print?

Yes, we recommend you turn your favorite photos into canvas portraits. We take more photos today than ever before. But when do we look at them? Whether you need large picture frames to put above the sofa or small ones for a gallery wall in the hall, having a portrait canvas saves memories from photos of your childhood up to your retirement age.

Check out Love and Bub’s personalized canvas portraits for babies and children below.



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