Helping You Plan Your Newborn Session

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Photographing newborns is one of the hardest types of portrait sessions. This is because a newborn photo session requires a lot of patience, knowledge, and time.

The ideal time for Newborn sessions is the first 14 days after their arrival up to 1 month. This ensures that the baby still has all the newborn features that change after the initial 10 days of life.

These essential tips will help you plan and execute a hassle free newborn session.
What to bring:
• Multiple diapers
• Baby Wipes
• Pacifier or baby toys
• Feeding supplies
• Baby Bibs
• Extra Clothes
• Accessories for the shoot (optional)

About Newborn Photography

Photo Credit: Rodnae Productions via Pexels

Newborn babies are very delicate and you need to handle them with the utmost care. Make sure that you consider the baby before moving the baby’s parts for the pose you have in mind. Newborns can’t support their heads so you’ll need to hold them at the neck. They also don’t like being cold. Wherever your session will take place needs to be warm.

3 Important things to know (and do before the session)
1. Study newborn images you love.
Have you created a Pinboard or really sat down and listed what it is you’re drawn to? You can find patterns in lighting, colors, and styling that will push you creatively. Choose an image and really break down why you love it. Dissect the light and it’s direction; is it direct or diffused? Are the shadows subtle or strong? Are you drawn to the detailed posing or the more natural way the baby is laying? How do the colors and textures in the image make you feel?

2. Coordinate the props.
- Keep your background solid and simple.
- Don’t mix too many textures and colors.

3. Schedule the session ahead of time.
Being prepared is always the best. Scheduling your session ahead of time will make it less likely that your photographer will be fully booked when you call. Waiting until the last minute to schedule your session might mean you won’t get your preferred photographer, and you’ll be stuck shopping based on availability instead of finding a professional who fits your preferred style.

About the Photographer
Your photographer knows what they’re doing. Let them run the show. As a parent, you may have that innate urge to pick your child up with every grunt they make, and it can be hard to see someone else handling them. This is why it’s important to find a professional newborn photographer with experience and positive reviews.

Photographers know how much your infant means to you, and they are treated accordingly. Any experienced newborn photographer will know exactly what positions will be comfortable for your child and how to move them delicately so they won’t wake up.

Your photographer should be used to working with worried parents and will know how to put you at ease. However, if at any point during the session you start to feel uncomfortable, make sure to let your photographer know. It’s just as important for you to feel comfortable as it is for your little one.

Also, try not to stress if your baby is being fussy and irritated. Babies can feel their mama’s stress or tension, so if you’re calm, your infant may relax too. And that’s it! That’s all it takes for your newborn session.

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